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Extenze is male enhancement pill that can offer a safe and all-natural way to boost male libido and enhance penis size, and you may have seen one of the many info commercials for this product.  extenze girl

These commercials have proved surprisingly popular, mainly because they are designed to be lighthearted and fun and the old style commercial featured prominent porn star and director Ron Jeremy (aka ‘The Hedgehog’) and Extenze girl favorites Ruby (porn star and regular at the Bunnyranch bordello) and Chance Fortune (exotic dancer turned porn star).


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Classic Extenze Infomercials

The theory behind using prominent stars from the pornography industry was that they would make much more enticing and interesting infomercial presenters than regular actors, and would create memorable Extenze girl and boy hosts that would stand out from the crowds of other male enhancement figureheads out there.

The adverts were all lighthearted and Jeremy would interview key guest stars including a classic interview with male porn star Scott Styles, who represented the ‘science bit’ as he holds a Master’s degree in atomic and molecular physics and once worked for NASA.

Unlike many other male enhancement infomercials around at the time the Extenze girl and boy hosts and guests were all adult film stars (with no ‘general public’ appearances) and this certainly made them stand apart from the crowd.

The production values of the classic Extenze infomercials with Ron Jeremy and various guest porn stars were very poor, but this was somehow fitting, creating an atmosphere of a slight dodgy porn film set that the Extenze girl and boy hosts looked very at home in, and with all the jokes and stilted chatting about the adult film industry the Extenze product itself actually gets short shrift, barely being discussed in the 30 minutes of advertising.


Updated Extenze Infomercials

extenze girlThe newer style Extenze infocommercials are also proving quite popular and this may be due to the new and very attractive Extenze girl, Bridgetta Tomarchio, who is actually reported to be a former ‘Miss Hawaiian Tropics’ and once hosted a show called ‘Bikini Pool’, which not surprisingly featured models wearing bikinis playing pool.

Other background information listed for Extenze girl Bridgetta Tomarchio also states she was born 25 December 1978 (Christmas Day), and has previously worked as Val Kilmer’s assistance and appeared in the documentary ‘Beyond the Movie: Alexander the Great’.

This new Extenze girl has been getting a lot of fans from her new role as a male enhancement spokeswoman and is in the process of setting up her own website which will soon be going live at www.bridgettatomarchio.com.


Extenze girl, Bridgetta Tomarchio is the host of the new Extenze infomercial which certainly has much better production values than the Ron Jeremy versions, but the lighthearted touch still remains.

In the updated adverts Extenze girl Bridgetta Tomarchio gets out and about doing ‘on the street’ interviews (unfortunately very staged) and back in the studio Bridgetta and her fellow Extenze girl hosts Laura, Lisa, and Kim spend some time talking about male anatomy and vouching for the effects of Extenze.


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Like many long infomercials there is surprisingly little information about the product itself, such as the ingredients and how it works, and more general ‘sex talk’ which most viewers will find inane and unhelpful when they are trying to work out if the product would actually be beneficial for them.

However Extenze girl Bridgetta Tomarchio and her fellow lovely hosts are not doubt the star attraction of the new Extenze advert and probably the main reasons why anyone would sit through the full 30 minutes.

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