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Do you know that Extenze ingredients are all natural? This pill is an all-natural male enhancement that contains a number of ingredients that are well known for their beneficial effects on male sexual function. Extenze ingredients

Extenze has been carefully formulated to combine some of the most effective male sexual health treatments available from nature, and has the benefit of being available without prescription and because it only contains low dosages of natural ingredients is doe not have any harmful side effects.


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Folic Acid

One of the Extenze ingredients is folic acid, which is derived from the natural B vitamin folate and is an essential vitamin in our bodies vital for many of our basic bodily functions including regulating metabolism and hormone production.

It can be difficult to get sufficient levels of this beneficial vitamin from our daily diet and so many people are actually slightly deficient in folate, and this can lead to a whole host of health issues including anxiety, fatigue, fertility problems, arthritis and even cancer and heart disease.

Low levels of folic acid have been linked to depression and general feelings of low self esteem and stress and this can impact seriously on our sex lives, making it difficult for men to achieve and maintain satisfactory erections.  Folic acid is included as one of the Extenze ingredients to ensure the basic bodily functions are running as efficiently as possible and not interfering with sexual health.



This is another one of the main Extenze ingredients, and is an essential mineral used to support a number of essential functions including biochemical reactions which maintain healthy immune systems, sperm development and fertility.

Zinc is widely available from a healthy balanced diet, but modern living sometimes makes it difficult for us to get the levels of zinc we need and a deficiency in this mineral can lead to a whole host of problems including impotence and a lack of sexual potency.

Zinc is included as one of the Extenze ingredients to ensure that fertility and sexual function are well supported, to help you achieve and maintain a satisfying sex life and also to boost your overall health and well being


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Ginseng is one of the main Extenze ingredients and is a powerful natural ingredient that has been used for many years to treat all kinds of sexual health problems including a low sex drive and impotency.

Ginseng has been an essential part of traditional herbal medicines throughout Asia for centuries and has been well documented for its effectiveness at treating erectile dysfunction problems, and can also encourage positive moods by boosting energy and resistance to stress, and this in turn can boost sex drive and improve overall health and well being.

Ginseng is included as one of the Extenze ingredients to help improve sexual function and create firmer, more long lasting erections and is also an important natural energy booster.


Tribulus terrestris extract

You may not have heard of Tribulus terrestris extract (known in Traditional Chinese medicine as ‘bai ji li’, but this is included as one of the main Extenze ingredients because it has been shown to increase male hormone production, stimulating sexual desire.

Tribulus terrestris extract has not yet been widely used in western alternative treatments but research is currently in progress to find out more about this natural extract, particularly considering it can boost hormone production but still leave it within the natural range, which is much safer than synthetic drugs used to increase hormone production.

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